Useful Linux Commands for Embraiz Web Hosting

At Embraiz, we provide hosting services to our valued customers, along with software maintenance. Below, you will find some essential Linux commands and setup procedures we use for managing our 24 cloud hosting servers in 2023. Please note that although Embraiz is not a web hosting company, we ar

Speed up WordPress website for a better Google score

One of our eShop customers found that their website got a score of 10+ in Google speed test, and asked us to help him speed up the website to increase Google score. Firstly, we try to enable the static cache. But after studying the whole website structure, we find that the commonly used service p

Embraiz WordPress website solution

Embraiz WordPress website solution consists of three parts. Web design, HTML Production and CMS (content management system) Preparation We will collect the information such as company logo, content and images before we begin with the web design part. There will be a wireframe like below to the cli

Embraiz’s Responsive Web Design

Now all web pages we are making will use the responsive web design approach. Actually, responsive web design will not increase too much production cost. Instead, the old design approaches may need more codes for adapting to different equipments. Now we universally use the twitter bootstrap framew

This is how we do internet campaign in China

We aim to provide one stop service therefore internet campaign is also our expertise. The media channels are as follow, Weibo, Wechat, Forum, News portal etc. We have a simple walkthrough below, 1. Weibo Weibo is the china version of Twitter. Weibo is open and allow free communication between b

How to make a good Web design

The evolution of web design In the old days, people only have small and big monitor like this. The screen width is 1024 px at maximum. At the time website designer tend to put their whole website to the left and set the maximum with to 800 px and put the menu bar to the left. People like to

Product photo shoot – We do more than web design

Our new client Grove asked us to build an eshop for them. Building a website is not only about coding but there are a lot of off-line work, such as modelling, translation, clothes and Photo retouch. We have ever taken photos of products for many customers. As the clothes shooting needs model this

How to use WordPress for website SEO

As our previous SEO article (href link to described. The title, description and keyword is very import for the SEO ranking. Blow we will explain about for the setup and SEO essential in the WordPresss platform.

Why do we need domain name and how to get one?

The early internet is just a few telephone lines with some router. It is only used by university anmilitary in United State. The mechanism is simple. Every computer terminal in the circus is assigned to series of ID numbers just like our ID cards. If computer A wants to send a message to comput