Your Questions about Embraiz’s Quotation

Your Questions about Embraiz’s Quotation

Why is Embraiz’ quotation so low?

We usually charge RMB10,000-RMB20,000 for a general website together with CMS. This cost is really not high in Hong Kong as:

  1. We have our own development center with 40 people plus domestically. More people contribute to lower cost
  2. With more than 6 years of development experience, our team has done similar projects again and again, so the cost is naturally high.

Why do other companies ask for higher prices? General reasons are as follows:

  1. High sales expense. Embraiz has no special market department and our only sales channel is the Internet. More than 90% of our clients have found us through GOOGLE and actively consulted with us. Other companies have their sales teams and advertising expenditure, so their costs are higher.
  2. We have no capability to have ten communication meetings for a website and generally meet once or merely communicate by telephone. Companies which charge higher prices may provide more attentive service.

Why have I received a quotation much lower than that of Embraiz?

  1. I also received a low quotation, excitingly low indeed.
  2. The quotation was provided by an Indian company, lower indeed than ours. But low quotations may result in the following cases
  3. They can only communicate through emails and refuse to answer your calls, let alone meet with you.
  4. Their designs are ordinary and may use the same template for copies.
  5. No one couldn’t be found immediately for urgent maintenance.
  6. No one couldn’t be found due to closedown. (We ever undertook such a mess)

In fact, Embraiz can also undertake projects by asking for a lower price, but we think that website and I.T are something worth investment and believe that a company shouldn’t be willing to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on its decoration rather than ten or twenty thousand yuan on its website assessment.