Embraiz WordPress website solution

Embraiz WordPress website solution

Embraiz WordPress website solution consists of three parts. Web design, HTML Production and CMS (content management system)


We will collect the information such as company logo, content and images before we begin with the web design part. There will be a wireframe like below to the client for the front page structure confirmation.



Web design

The web design page is a simple JPG file that attached to a HTML file. You can’t click or see any movement on that page. It provides the actual outlook of the website so that our customers can review and comment. HTML and CMS work will not start until the web design has been confirmed.



HTML Production

We use Twitter Bootstrap framework for HTML production. This may take up to 5 working days’ time for a standard website around 10 pages. We will make sure that the page can fit to all modern browser and various screen size.



CMS (Content management system)

We are using WordPress as the CMS system for the reason below.

  1. It is the most popular CMS in the market it has more than 60% market share for 2018. Therefore it is easier to get development resource and upgrade
  2. It is fully open source for commercial use, it is therefore has more potential for expansion.
  3. The setup and maintenance costs is low. You can easily find any cloud hosting to host your WordPress site.