How to optimized the Google adword and enhance your SEO ranking

How to optimized the Google adword and enhance your SEO ranking

The importance of the HTML header element


If you view the source code for your website. You should find the header tag. They are list from h1 to h6 represent the importance of the title.



The HTML header element is important not only because it “weight” more as the google keyword but it has more chance to show as the google search result page.


How to achieve a better result for google adwords


The ranking of your adwords keywords are not only determined by bidding price but also the overall rating of your advertisement.


Make more advertisement and add the keywords to it.

Setup negative keyword.

Make sure your landing page has a high density of your keywords


How to use Google webmaster tools and Google analystic

If you want to see the your website’s Google keyword ranking. You have to get a google webmaster tools. It can tell you the ranking of your keyword as well as the clicks but it is only for the Google platform. Google analytic on the other hand get you the overall traffic data from all sources.


From Google webmaster tools you can see the ranking and the total number of clicks

Keyword setup

Sometimes when a keyword is very competitive it is hard to get to the top ranking. It such a case you may need to think of alternative. There is auto suggestion when you search a keyword.


But you should be using the google keyword tools. The keyword tools can tell you a precise search traffic for the suggested keyword.


It is no point to pick a keyword that has zero search traffic.