What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a comprehensive way to manage the relationships you have with your customers—including potential customers—for long-lasting mutual benefit. Effective CRM systems capture information about customer interactions and present that information to customer-facing users to service those customers more effectively and efficiently.

Why Embraiz CRM?

Embraiz CRM enables organizations to efficiently organize, populate, and maintain information on all aspects of their customer relationships. It provides integrated management of corporate information on customer accounts and contacts, sales leads and opportunities, plus activities such as calls, meetings, and tasks. The system seamlessly blends all of the functionalities required to manage information on many aspects of your business into an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface.


Accessing Embraiz CRM through a web browser, manage multiple information sources through Microsoft Outlook integration and content syndication, and access the information they need as fast as they can click.


We built Embraiz CRM from sketch. We don’t have to go through third party vendor to customize the application. In fact it is desgined to be customized at low cost.

Low Cost

Embraiz CRM runs on J2EE+MySQL. There is no extra cost for OS, web server and database.